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At Say Something Agency, we took pride in organizing the biggest fashion event in Poland – the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Warsaw. From conceptualizing the idea to securing sponsorships, collaborating with brands, cross-promotions, inviting celebrities, to extensive media coverage, our team meticulously handled every detail of this grand project. Featuring an expansive catwalk, professional models, and intricate organization, it was an unparalleled showcase of style and sophistication.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Warsaw reached new heights with a special guest appearance by Dree Hemingway, the grand granddaughter of the iconic Ernest Hemingway.
In addition to the grand runway shows, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Warsaw featured a myriad of activities, including pop-up shops strategically placed in some of the city's best locations. Our meticulous planning and selection of premium venues added an extra layer of sophistication to this already monumental fashion event

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